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GOP Senators refusing to help #WeThePeople and America Build Back Better

Plain and simple these senators are not truly for the people, yes Democrats control the House and the Senate, but they could always offer up suggestions for the Build Back Better plan, but instead of doing just that, they are playing politics and are refusing to do the job you sent them to congress to do. Think about that for a moment, we pay them a salary to do a job and they are refusing to work, they are just showing up and milking the system. They are fighting against good paying jobs, new green jobs, and training to help get us to cleaner energy and slow global warming. They are fighting against childcare, universal Pre-K, and 12 weeks paid family/medical leave.

They are fighting against lower prescription drugs and expanding Medicare, offering vision, dental, and hearing. Did you receive a child tax credit this year? They are also refusing to extend that provision which has helped so many this year during this global pandemic. They are blocking your children's ability to be able to go to community college without you fearing going into debt. Below is a list of those senators that are refusing to help #WeThePeople.

Roy Blunt (Missouri) John Boozman (Arkansas) Richard Burr (North Carolina) Mike Crapo (Idaho) Chuck Grassley (Iowa) John Hoeven (North Dakota) Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) John Kennedy (Louisiana) James Lankford (Oklahoma) Mike Lee (Utah) Jerry Moran (Kansas) Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) Rand Paul (Kentucky) Rob Portman (Ohio) Marco Rubio (Florida) Tim Scott (South Carolina) Richard Shelby (Alabama) John Thune (South Dakota)Patrick Toomey (Pennsylvania) Todd Young (Indiana) Joe Manchin (West Virginia) Krysten Sinema (Arizona)

This is not a democratic vs republican issue, this a do you want to invest in the future of America issue. Currently we barely see a return on our tax dollars and its time that #WeThePeople get our power back. It seems the following senators do not want to invest in America and only care about investing in themselves. It is time they either do their job that we pay them to do, or they meet the fate many of us meet at our jobs if we're not doing the work required, fire them by not voting for them in 2022.

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